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The Dog Behavior Answer Book

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Just how smart is my dog? Try draping a towel over his head and timing his "escape."

Why does she prefer the toilet to her bowl? Because it’s always full and always cool. Keep the lid down, move the bowl to a shady spot, and add some ice.
  • How can I stop her from growling at my boyfriend? Clearly establish the new beau as Number 2 in your “pack.” Go for a walk; make the dog leave last. Give your boyfriend the leash; have him pass on some commands, and the treats when she starts catching on.

    Animal behavior expert Arden Moore answers these questions and more in The Dog Behavior Answer Book; part of our Answer Book series. From grooming to obedience to just knowing this member of the family a little better, this book contains everything the new or frustrated pet owner needs to know to smooth out the wrinkles in any dog’s coat!